Addressing Pandemic Concerns

This project by CCN was less than a year old when the Covid-19 pandemic arose. The original installation included admin workstations with low frosted glass screens that raised and lowered as part of the sit-to-stand worksurface assembly. The glass panels have been replaced by taller clear units as a response to controlling airborne contaminants.

For the reception station, a tall fixed glass unit was added with a pass-through slot that aligns with the existing transaction surface.

The bespoke nature of CCN products often means that adaptation to unanticipated circumstances can be easily accommodated in the field. In progress projects can also be modified on the fly as was the case with several that were midway through our manufacturing process when the pandemic hit. Watch here for future updates on Pandemic responses.

Enclosed Workspaces

CCN has long been recognized as a prime resource for private office solutions. As you or your client’s organization moves forward with the steps necessary to adapt to a post pandemic work environment we are specifically well suited to providing unique answers to help accommodate challenges as they arise. CCN’s bespoke manufacturing expertise allows infinite flexibility with regard to configuration needs and materials employment.


CCN utilizes a range of state-of-the-art finishes on the furniture we produce. These finishes have been selected for their durability as well as to best enhance the fine quality veneers we employ in the construction of our furniture. At this point in time an anti-viral component is not available to enhance these finishes.

Clorox brand disinfecting wipes may be used on surfaces per instructions on the container label. Surfaces should be air dried and not be permitted to remain wet for more than fifteen seconds. Longer “wet” times can have a negative impact on the integrity &/or appearance of the finish.

To preserve the integrity of wood finishes, avoid the use of disinfecting products containing bleach (Clorox wipes do not).

In general, chemical cleaners of any type should not be used on any CCN finishes before the end of an initial 30-day period. Always spot test any cleaning product in an inconspicuous area (a kneewell is a good example) prior to use in more prominent or high visibility areas.